Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is increasing in popularity around the world. Individuals who want to increase hair density, maintain a shaved head look, or camouflage scarring are turning to SMP to achieve this. I recently sat down with Candice Falcon, owner and artist at Falcon Artistry – Cosmetic and Restorative Tattoo to get more information on SMP and who may benefit from this service.

1. What is SMP?

“Scalp Micropigmentation” (SMP) is the technique of adding tiny dots to the scalp to mimic hair follicles. The most commonly seen is the look of a cleanly shaved head. However, whether you have gradual to full hair loss, or are male or female, this service is for you to fill in your hairline and add density. The tiny dots even blend with thinning existing hair, mitigating the contrast between the scalp and hair. It can create a new hairline, fill in areas that are thinning or conceal scarring.

2. Who is a good candidate for SMP?

This is ideal for all types of hair loss or to add volume to thin hair. Candidates range from partial to full hair loss, short or long hair, male or female. This can also be used to blend scarring from hair transplants. More info and FAQs on the site at :

3. What are the costs associated with SMP?

Everyone gets a custom quote which is dependent on the extent of their hair loss and their desired outcome. When you send pictures of the top of your head and hairline, the estimate can be more specific to your case. Often at least three, 3 hour sessions are needed to naturally build up the appearance of density and they can be booked 10 days apart. This also means that you can have this all done within a month!

4. Is all SMP the same?

Generally the concept is the same – It’s mostly a variation in coverage. Some may opt for “density” which is blending in with existing hair follicles on longer hair. Other people want their whole head done and it’s closely shaved. These would entail different areas and amounts of time to tattoo. For female or longer hair SMP, usually it’s different areas of the head that are targeted and more sessions may be required.

5. What should someone consider when they are looking for a specialist to perform SMP?

Reaching out to the artist is a good way to determine if you connect with the person who will be doing your treatment. Costs may vary depending on the artist but it’s important to see a portfolio and healed pictures to help in your decision making. Your artist should be able to answer your questions and help you feel at ease with your service. Unfortunately, this industry isn’t regulated so it’s important to decide based on comfort with your artist and their knowledge rather than price.

6. What other services do you offer?

My business is centred around cosmetic & restorative tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing encompasses permanent makeup like brows, eyeliner, lips and is about enhancing your natural beauty. Restorative tattooing includes bringing back familiarity and healing through tattooing and includes nipple tattoos post-mastectomy or surgery, skin tone camouflage tattooing for scars and stretch marks. Essentially if there’s something that bothers you and you’ve been told you need to live with it, why not see if we can do something through tattoo?

7. Where are you located/how can people get in touch with you?

The studio is at 2941 Kingsway, Vancouver. There’s lots of free parking and we are easily accessible by transit. To inquire, reach out via email with some pictures of their head (top and hairline) so I can provide a custom quote and info specific to your case. Email:
Service info at:

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Mandy Robertson
Mandy Robertson is an IAT Certified Trichologist with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree of Business Administration.

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